If you're just starting out in your financial life, your credit score could be low because you haven't established enough credit and shown that you have the ability to pay your debts. Other people may have had financial difficulties and have fallen behind on their payments.

Our Credit Builder Mastercard and Credit Builder Loans are designed to help our members increase their credit scores over time.

Why is a good credit score important?

Establishing a good credit score is critical for many situations in life. Your credit score not only impacts your ability to get a loan, but it can also influence:

  • the amount of interest you'll be charged on loans and credit cards
  • being approved to a rental home or apartment
  • the amount you pay for car insurance
  • your ability to avoid security deposits on utilities
  • your ability to get a job

Credit Builder MasterCard

  • No Annual Fee
  • Build your credit by making on-time payments
  • Use the card the same way you would use any credit card

Credit Builder Loan

  • The interest rate is much lower than unsecured loans
  • Build your credit by making on-time payments
  • It's easy to apply

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